Stainless Steel Outdoor Kitchens

Consider stainless steel for your outdoor kitchen because it's sleek and easy to find.

Stainless steel outdoor kitchens are durable and attractive.

The popularity of stainless steel outdoor kitchens is due to their low cost and high durability. Stainless is also easy to clean because it's not porous like stone and wood. And finding the right stainless steel appliance or accessory is easy.

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The benefits of stainless are almost endless. Stainless has a sleek, reflective appearance that will pick up the colors in its environment. It also looks great next to stacked stone, stucco, concrete, and tile. If you decide you want to change the look of your space, stainless will transition with you.

Stainless is great for the outdoors because it's weather resistant. It won't warp in heat or humidity like wood and won't rust in wet weather. Some stainless steel cabinetry and accessories offer extra protection against the elements with weather-tight rain drawer gutters and sealed cabinets and doors.

Your local home store will have a lot of selection in stainless steel. Also check out specialty outdoor retailers for individual components like insulated drawers for everything from ice to trash cans. If you can imagine it in stainless, it's probably out there and your neighborhood home store may be able to order items they don't keep in stock, as well.

There are some parts of kitchens that seem synonymous with stainless, like appliances and sinks, but some parts of your outdoor kitchen may not seem like they lend themselves to stainless. Countertops, cabinetry and even barstools made from stainless steel are actually great options.

If you're working with a smaller area or want to add an island to an existing outdoor kitchen, stainless prep stations are easy to find at restaurant supply stores. They're lightweight and portable so you can take them with you if you move. Cabinets made from stainless are easy to keep clean and beautiful. Their interiors also reflect some light so you'll have additional visibility in otherwise dark corners.

You may think it's unnecessary to mention that nearly every appliance comes finished in stainless steel, but there are a few outdoor options you may want to consider that aren't found in typical indoor kitchens.

Bar items are great in stainless steel and ice drawers are a nice addition for outdoor drink service. Speaking of drawers, a large stainless warming drawer is helpful when grilling or for warming buns and rolls. Also check out stainless utensils, serving ware, bar tools and fixtures to complete your design.

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