Wood Burning Fire Pit Ideas

Learn all you need to know about wood burning fire pits, and browse design and construction ideas that'll help create a cozy gathering place in your outdoor living space.

Discover new ideas for wood burning fire pits to help enhance your outdoor living space.

If you're considering adding a little flame to your backyard or outdoor living space, you'll want to consider the many wood burning fire pit ideas available.

Inspirational Outdoor Fireplace Design Ideas

Your first task when planning for a wood burning fire pit is to decide where it's going to be located. Particularly if you're going to be burning any types of wood in your backyard, you want to ensure that this location is totally safe, and that no stray sparks will find a home in nearby bushes, overhanging branches, or dry grass.

Once you've picked the perfect location, you will need to secure any proper municipal clearances for having a fire pit in your backyard, and confirm that you're adhering to all codes. Once you're all clear, it's time to start exploring the design options on the table for wood burning fire pits.

You'll have many choices, the first of which will be related to whether you want your fire pit to be a permanent installation or a portable fixture. If you go with the latter, you can find many design options at your local hardware or home improvement store. If you choose a permanent installation, you may need to have a contractor build and install your fire pit. It'll be more expensive, but it's likely to be much sturdier and, because it'll never move, easier to keep clear of any flammable areas.

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