Blog Cabin 2013 Remodeling Challenges and Solutions

Problems, Solved

Seven challenges could have stopped the Blog Cabin 2013 remodeling process dead in its tracks. But quick thinking and teamwork saved the day. Project Manager Shares Details

Low-Impact Development

Blog Cabin 2013 Virtual Home Tour

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Blog Cabin 2013 Exclusive Video Series

Video Series: Rebuilding a Coastal Home

Join House Counselor Laurie March for an exploration of the remodeling process and unique stories behind the rebuild.

The Construction Process

  • Blog Cabin 2013 Improving Water Views
    Waterfront Focus

    A unique remodeling approach improves the home's water views.

  • Remodeling a Coastal Home
    Strong as Steel

    Blog Cabin is rebuilt to withstand harsh coastal weather conditions.

  • Blog Cabin 2013 How to Build a Dock
    The Big Dig

    The storm-beaten dock, barely standing, is carefully rebuilt.

History of the Cottage

Blog Cabin Central

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