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Foundation Termite Control

(video: 02:34)

A termite prevention system protects a home's foundation from infestation.

Backfilling Foundations

(video: 01:59)

Follow this step-by-step backfill procedure to maintain a solid foundation.

Precast Foundation Walls

(video: 02:59)

Take a look at the benefits of this custom engineered foundation.

Precast Foundation Walls

Save time and money with these guidelines for building a warmer, drier basement.

Framing the Addition

(video: 03:06)

The crew frames the addition to the Wilsons' 70-year-old Cape Cod.

Insulation and Air Sealing

(video: 03:06)

New insulation greatly increases the r-value of the Wilsons' house.

Slab Floor Insulation

(video: 01:54)

Control heat loss in the home by insulating the concrete slab foundation.

Blog Cabin 2013: Tree Stumps

(video: 00:02:00)

The crew finds ways to repurpose tree stumps from the original foundation.

Basement Drainage Options

(video: 00:01:03)

Check out these three options for keeping your basement draining properly.

French Drains for Basement

(video: 00:01:04)

Check out our ideas and designs for adding a French drain in your basement.

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