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Blog Cabin 2014: Photo Diary of a Historic Home Renovation

Blog Cabin 2014: Photo Diary of a Historic Home Renovation

Over the span of a few months, Blog Cabin 2014 was transformed from a dilapidated bungalow to lakeside getaway. Take a visual tour of the most captivating moments of construction.View 56 photos

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Framing a Basement

Just like your favorite picture, a finished basement requires a solid frame in order to keep the walls preserved. Here are a few tips for framing basement walls.

Blog Cabin 2013: Framing Techniques, Then and Now

(9 photos)

Construction techniques have changed since Blog Cabin was originally built. Discover the biggest differences between the original structure and the remodeled home, reframed by project contractor Ryan Crosser of Andrew Roby Construction.

Framing Windows With Less Lumber

Optimum value engineering permits framing windows with fewer studs while keeping the structural support of the window frame.

Acoustic Framing Cuts Noise

(video: 00:02:02)

Acoustic wall framing reduces unwanted noise between the rooms of a house.

Framing Connections

(video: 02:42)

Tips on the framing that can keep your home solid for generations.

Framing the Addition

(video: 03:06)

The crew frames the addition to the Wilsons' 70-year-old Cape Cod.

Engineered Framing Advantages

(video: 02:23)

Reliability and consistency are the biggest benefits of engineered framing.

OVE and Stack Framing

(video: 02:49)

Optimum Value Engineering (OVE) and stack framing save lumber and energy.

Ladder Framing Allows Better Insulation

Increase space for more insulation by reducing the amount of wood needed.

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