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Prefabricated Wall Panels

(video: 02:02)

Prefabricated wall panels can save time and costs at the job site.

Timber Frame Building

(video: 03:12)

Huge hand-hewn timbers complement the rugged style of HGTV Dream Home 2011.

Use Prefabricated Wall Panels

Premade panels save time and money, and more builders should use them.

Raising a 3,000-Pound Wall

(video: 03:12)

The HGTV Dream Home walls are framed on the ground, then lifted into place.

Raised Heel Roof Trusses

(video: 02:10)

Raised heel roof trusses offer the most energy efficient roof framing.

Structural Tie-Downs

(video: 01:51)

Structural tie-downs will greatly strengthen the wood frame of the home.

Insulated Concrete Forms

(video: 01:55)

An alternative for framing houses is to use Insulated Concrete Form walls.

Structural Insulated Panels

(video: 02:12)

Structural insulated panels are a time-saving option for framing homes.

Professional Energy Audits

(video: 03:26)

Energy audits aren't mandated by law, but they can improve your business.

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