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HGTV Green Home 2011: New Urbanism

HGTV Green Home 2011: New Urbanism

Information provided by Denise Gammon, Senior Vice President, Development, and Tasha L. Jones, Director of Marketing, Forest City Stapleton, Inc.View 6 photos

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HGTV Green Home 2012: Green Building Details

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From building materials and construction methods to home systems, Curtis Peart of FrontPorch Custom Homes and Renovations shares features that make this modern farmhouse both earth friendly and energy efficient.

The Benefits of Green Building to Homeowners

Green building provides durability, energy and water savings, and improved indoor air quality.

A Green Building Overview

Minimize the residential sector's toll on the environment with these 10 practices.

Green Home Building Guidelines Designed for Mainstream Builders

Rules aimed at constructing more energy efficient, environmentally sensitive homes in different price ranges and climate conditions.

Green Building Benefits

(video: 01:40)

This guide covers all aspects of building green for builders and buyers.

Green Building Programs

(video: 03:51)

Review the many benefits and advantages of building green.

Green Building on a Budget

Consider these plentiful low-cost options.

A Green Building Site

(video: 03:19)

Learn how to evaluate a green building site.

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