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Discover remodeling ideas, inspiration and tips for home additions.

How to Choose Contractors

How to Choose Contractors

Get expert tips for picking a construction manager and crew for your addition project

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Managing Your Home Addition

Learn how to make the project go smoothly, from keeping a journal to doing daily walk-throughs

How to Survive a Home Addition

Learn how to minimize the inevitable inconveniences, from delays to dust.

Expanding Utilities Into Your Addition

Make sure your electrical and plumbing systems can handle the additional square footage

Designing a Roof Addition

Consider these four options so the new portion of your roof matches the original one

Mid-Century Modern Prefab Addition

(11 photos)

A creative couple builds a prefab addition in their bare backyard, featuring modern design and office space.

Matching an Addition to the Original

Learn how to ensure your addition doesn't look out of place with your existing home

DIYNetwork Blog Cabin 2014: Designing an Addition that Fits

Here are five rules of thumb for creating additions that enhance both traditional curb appeal and interior livability.

Choosing Windows for Your Addition

Get expert tips on what to look for when buying windows for your home

Choosing Materials for Your Addition

Get tips for selecting materials and finishes for nine key surfaces, from the roof to the floors

Choosing an Addition's Foundation

Consider these four options to cut costs on the foundation work of your project

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