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Room With a View

Room With a View

Full-length floor-to-ceiling glass walls provide views of Biscayne Bay, Miami Beach and the Port of Miami. Sheer linen drapery creates a soft, ethereal cocoon in early morning. Along with injections of color, texture breaks up the monochromatic palette. A gray shag rug anchors the space, while a cozy chenille throw softens sleek leather surfaces.

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Living Room Built-In Shelves

These custom storage solutions maximize every inch of space, adding function and style.

Choosing Living Room Furniture

Consider fabric, function and style when selecting furniture for your remodel.

Design a Craftsman Living Room

(5 photos)

From rich wood trim to antiques, get tips for using interior details that embody Craftsman design.

Warm, Modern Living Room

from Andreas Charalambous

Warm neutrals, peach accents and elegant lighting create an inviting setting for intimate gatherings in this modern living room.

Determine Your Living Room Needs

Before you begin your living room remodel, think about what you need to lounge, entertain and work.

Deluxe Penthouse Living Room

from Michael Abrams

A salon wall was created in this living room to highlight the homeowners' extensive art collection. Motorized solar shades help control the room's western exposure to the sun.

Living Room

from Walter Yarosh

Crisp white walls and a coffered ceiling play well with bold furnishings and accessories. A plush, solid-black rug creates a strong foundation for the room's graphic design.

Cozy Living Room Retreat

from Jean Larette

A smart use of fabrics and a neutral color palette make this refreshed living room feel warm and inviting.

Color Theory and Living Room Design

Designer tips on using the color wheel and best bets for mood-evoking combinations.

Design Behind the Living Room Sofa

(12 photos)

When it comes to decorating behind your sofa, the options are endless. Browse through our favorite designer looks, and find a style that speaks to you.

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