Saving Water

Get ideas, inspiration and tips for using water efficiently in your home.

Reduce Water Use With Xeriscaping

Reduce Water Use With Xeriscaping

Indigenous plants and groundcover can make arid landscapes bloom.

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Home Water Conservation

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Here's a look at the latest water-saving ideas and technology for the home.

Water Conservation

(video: 02:14)

Learn about water conservation measures used in the 2011 HGTV Green Home.

Water Conservation: New technology is making it easier to conserve water.

New technology is making it easier to conserve water instead of wasting it down the drain. Learn about water conservation tips and products from HGTVRemodels.

9 Ways to Save Water at Home

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Typical homeowners use more water than they actually need. If you're trying to save money in today's tough economy, it makes financial sense to look at the way your house uses water and find ways to conserve.

Saving Water in Style

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From appliances to fixtures, learn how to conserve with flair.

Graywater Reuse

How to plan and maintain a a graywater-reuse system for the home.

Water-Saving Technologies Keep Flowing

Flushing with low-flow toilets saves resources and wallet.

Efficient Water Heating

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Green builders use systems that conserve energy for heating water.

Xeriscaping Basics

(video: 03:35)

Xeriscaping uses drought-tolerant native plants for a water-efficient yard.

Reusing Household Water With Graywater Systems

An efficient graywater system conserves water and can cut costs for homeowners.

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