Solar Panels & Setup

Discover remodeling ideas, inspiration and tips for solar panels.

Installing Solar Panels

Installing Solar Panels

Carpenter will earn money back from the utility company thanks to the solar panels fixed to the back roof of his home.View 8 photos

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Solar Power 101

Learn the basics of solar power and get tips for incorporating this abundant source of clean energy in your home.

Solar Panel Installations

(10 photos)

Browse photos of homes equipped with solar panels.

Exploring Solar Energy Options

From powering your home to heating your pool, discover ways you can utilize the sun's energy.

The Evolution of Solar Power

Improvements in technology have made solar power more efficient and affordable than ever.

The True Cost of Solar Power

The sticker price of a solar system doesn't tell the whole story. Learn how to factor in financial incentives and long-term savings to calculate the real cost of solar power.

Real Experiences With Solar Power

Hear from homeowners who have made the switch to solar energy.

Before Going Solar

Consider your home's orientation, roof size and energy usage to make the most of your solar system.

Small Steps in Solar Power

If you're not ready to invest in photovoltaic panels for your home, install smaller solar products to let your utilities soak up the sun while you bask in the savings.

The Latest Products in Solar Power

(12 photos)

Ready to take advantage of this clean, abundant energy source? From photovoltaic panels to pool heaters, take a look at solar powered products currently on the market.

Attractive Options in Solar Power

Want to reap the benefits of solar power without the bulky panels? Consider investing in building-integrated photovoltaic products, which are designed to blend in with your home's architecture.

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