Discover remodeling ideas, inspiration and tips for selecting the right windows for your home.

Windows Buying Guide

Windows Buying Guide

Your goals for replacing windows are to improve your home's beauty, performance and operation.

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The Anatomy of a Window

Learn about window parts, from sashes to muntins.

Window Grids for Your Home Style

From farmhouse to modern, learn what grid options work best with certain home styles.

Tips for Choosing Window Casings

Add the finishing touch to your windows with these tips for picking casings.

Tips for Choosing Efficient Windows

Learn more about choosing energy efficient windows for your home.

New and Replacement Basement Window Considerations

When a window becomes a hinderance to a basement rather than a welcome source of light, it may be time to consider its replacement.

Outfit Your Windows With Accessories

From shutters to screens, outfit your windows with accessories that feature beauty and functionality.

Windows for Different Regions

Consult our guide for the best and worst materials for your area.

How to Read a Window Energy Efficiency Label

Do the homework when it comes to all those codes and numbers on window energy-efficiency labels.

Enhanced Window Acoustics Can Shut Out Noise

Different thicknesses of glass create different vibrations that deflect sound waves.

Window Designs: Casements & More

(18 photos)

Learn about window design options like bay, casements and more.

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